About the Show

Tootuff is a small, cheeky school kid with a huge personality, who isn't quite as tuff as he'd like you to think. He's medium build, well OK, kind of small! But if you count his tall blonde "cowlick" he's pretty big! He hangs out with his friends Manu, who knows all kind of stuff, Hugo, who knows all there is to know about girls, and Frank who's hyper serious!

Tootuff and his pals spend their school days chasing after girls, hassling the big kids, having mashed potato fights in the canteen and making bogie statues! But Tootuff is the one who always seems to get himself into trouble, sometimes with disastrous results! At home Tootuff lives with his middle of the road parents and his brand new baby sister, who he wants to trade in for a hamster.

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