About the Show

ToddWorld is a place where a kid can dance with a porcupine, buy ice cream from a hippo, or eat macaroni and cheese in the bathtub. It’s a world where human beings, animals, and even the occasional alien from outer space can not only live together and play together, but talk to each other, too. It’s a world of bright colors, bold lines, and whimsical detail. ToddWorld looks and feels like the world children create and share when they engage in spontaneous imaginative play together. The line between fantasy and reality becomes blurred. ToddWorld is wish fulfillment for preschool viewers.

ToddWorld, the new half-hour animated series, explores common themes and social challenges of a young child’s life with color, humor, and quirky charm. Based on the best-selling books of Todd Parr, ToddWorld brings the same intelligence, offbeat sensibility and visual punch to television. Without preaching, the TV series offers a mix of messages – moral, emotional, or simple skills – always delivered playfully and with a touch of whimsy.

Each story in ToddWorld is narrated by Todd, an artistic, offbeat little boy. As Todd describes events that have happened to him and his friends, they may sound fantastical, but Todd isn’t exaggerating. Whatever Todd – or any child – can imagine can actually happen in this world. In ToddWorld, all characters are drawn simply and colorfully, the way children might draw themselves. Ethnicity is not an issue. All characters are drawn in bright, bold, distinctly inorganic colors. As fanciful as it is, ToddWorld operates by its own set of rules. It’s ordered chaos, so viewers always know where they’re coming from and where they’re going. Even more important, all ToddWorld stories are grounded in real kid concerns. No matter how silly the visuals might seem, the underlying truth of each story still feels real and touches the heart. And hopefully, after watching the show, children will be proud to show their true colors – whether they’re orange, green, or fuchsia.

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