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Imagine that you’re an alien from outer space. You’ve left behind your boring, conformist dimension known as Conforma and traveled across time, space and other dimensions to arrive at Planet Earth, and then land in a little out-of-the-way seaside town called DeSpray Bay. More specifically, Tommy Cadle’s lighthouse hideaway.

That’s right! Aliens have crashed into the top of the lighthouse tower and made themselves at home. Unfortunately, the earth boy living there was none-too-keen on this house invasion. When Tommy woke to be greeted by a big, slobbering Gumpers, he did what any kid would do when faced with being devoured by a pink, fuzzy, lovable alien: he ran and fell off the top of his lighthouse!

It looked like this was going to be a very short TV series.

And then, Dinko to the rescue! The little green fella raced down the side of the lighthouse (little green fellas can do that, you know) and caught Tommy before he became a Cadle pancake. Thus, a friendship was born – and we’re not talking about the one between Swanky and himself. A special bond formed between human and alien; a sentimental and emotional attachment that remains solid, even if one can sometimes drive the other crazy.

Once things settled down (i.e. Tommy realized no one wanted to eat him…yet), Swanky took one look at Tommy’s rusty, broken-down television and bare wooden bench and did a little bit of redecorating: plush chairs, plasma-screen TV, hover couch and all the comforts Swanky craves. Swanky believes the lighthouse is perfect for an alien who expects nothing but the best. Gumpers feels totally safe in the lighthouse. Flip has an entire lighthouse to play in and Scruffy has a giant backyard to do whatever it is Scruffy does.

And Dinko? Dinko has friends but does he truly have a best friend? That’s where Tommy comes in. Determined to have not just another friend, but a best friend, Dinko wants Tommy to be that special one.

And odds are, if the aliens don’t accidentally disintegrate the lighthouse first, Tommy and Dinko are going to be best friends for life…or at least until the aliens blow up the planet.

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