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Gambridge Town was a nice peaceful city until Prince Brad from the "Mix Master" game world of "Atreia" attempted to open a dimensional door to our world with a powerful magic spell, messed up the words, and accidentally merged both worlds. Since then, humans, elves, and creatures called "Henches" awkwardly, uneasily, but comically live side by side.

What is a hench? It's a magical creature with its own unusual power that can mix with another hench to become stronger.

Prince Brad hunts for the legendary "Special Hench" who will give him unchallengeable power to take over both worlds. To stop him, our hero Ditt, an 11 year-old boy who is very lazy, is learning how to play the game and become the "Mix Master". If he manages to become the Mix Master, he will be able to mix the "Ultimate Hench" and return the two worlds to normal.

Ditt has the help of Dr. Joeb (the inventor of the Mix Master game), Penril (the girl next door), Cheeck (a wired super-brain), Jin (Gambridge Town's mayor's son and Ditt's fierce competitor), Poy (an elf who believes that Ditt is destined to be the Mix Master), and Pachi (a mysterious hench who leaped into the real world when Dr. Joeb was trying to open a portal between the real and the game worlds).

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