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A MASK FOR TWO (by Thomas Barichella and Cyril Tysz)

ROTOR, a super bad-guy armed with propellers, is attacking the Bank of Magnapolis when a hot-headed teenager called, HOMER, steals his lethal weapon: an electronic boomerang.

ALAN CRYSTAL removes his mask and his clothes to go and fight Rotor as the INVISIBLE MAN and hides behind a trash can. Homer, who is hiding, grabs Alan's mask and clothes so that ROTOR will not recognize him.

WITH ALAN'S FEATURES, he tries to fence the electronic boomerang so he can buy an aero-train ticket back home.

But Alan's friends stumble across Alan's impostor and drag him off to a student party.

Surprised by the way their friend's uncharacteristic, overly eccentric behaviour, Linda and Monty can't believe their eyes when Rotor gate crashes the party, determined to take back the property that was stolen from him by... Alan?

EARS HAVE EYES (by Régis Jaulin)

Iron King et ses hommes s'emparent de deux prototypes d'armes sortis des laboratoires Morton. Il s'agit de deux pistolets qui produisent un flash lumineux aveuglant. Les bandits les utilisent pour le vol d'un diamant en aveuglant tous les témoins. Linda est touchée. Invisible Man s'interpose, protégé par ses lunettes de soleil.

Il part à la recherche de ces armes. Il les trouve dans le repaire de Iron King. Mais ce dernier l'aveugle au cours d'une bagarre. L'homme au masque de fer y voit l'opportunité de vendre à Wallace les armes qu'il lui a dérobées, le diamant et Invisible Man en prime ! Seulement, notre héros s'échappe. Aveugle, traqué par Iron King et Wallace, comment arrivera-t-il à résoudre cette aventure ?

STOLEN MEMORY (by Régis Jaulin)

Wallace has invented a machine that steals the memory of human beings. Invisible Man tries to destroy this invention, but he loses his memory during a fight.

The next morning, passers-by stumble over his invisible body. He wakes up... and doesn't recognize FOTON! He's even scared of him. He tries to shake him off. Then he's amazed when everybody bumps into him... as if he were invisible! OPACUS' machine HAS MADE HIM AMNESIAC! Monty, who is trying to enter in contact with spirits, meets Alan, invisible and amnesic. He convinces him that he is a guardian angel and introduces him to Linda, Mary and Gina.

Our guardian angel might easily have fallen in love with lovely LINDA, if she weren't already smitten with the notorious Alan. After hearing lots of good (and bad) things about himself, he rediscovers his life, then his mask.

And the truth: he is Alan Crystal. He's the Invisible Man. And Linda's boyfriend! After getting used to his face, he hesitates before confiding in Gina.

According to her, IN ORDER TO REGAIN HIS MEMORY, HE MUST BRUSH AGAINST OPACUS... at the risk of falling into his clutches and seeing his vital energy absorbed.


Chameleon, a young mutant who is nearly invisible commits a number of crimes wearing the Invisible Man's suit.

Chameleon's goal is to organize a bank robbery with Iron King, to make people think the Invisible Man is the robber. Magnapolis is gripped by panic: COULD THE INVISIBLE MAN HAVE TURNED CRIMINAL TO PROFIT FROM HIS POWERS?!

GINA loses confidence in ALAN and, despite his denials, she threatens to denounce him if he continues.

Even LINDA fears that her investigation of the Invisible Man could put her in danger since he is now a dangerous character... so she asks Alan to be her escort.

And will he finally have to fight against another invisible man? Chameleon's plan is working like a dream. SYD NETWORK TO ANNOUNCE THAT THE INVISIBLE MAN IS PLANNING TO HOLD UP THE MAGNAPOLIS CENTRAL BANK! Iron King knows very well that the real Invisible Man will show up to stop the hold-up. He will thus kill two birds with one stone: he'll commit the greatest robbery in history while getting the Invisible Man arrested to rot in jail in his place...

How will Alan be able to protect Linda, convince Gina he's genuine and stop Opacus without getting arrested during the heist?

MY OVERLY VISIBLE FRIEND (by Hervé Benedetti & Guillaume Enard)

Dr Hilarius has found the formula to reduce or increase the size of human beings and objects. Vengeful, he starts attacking the scientists of Magnapolis, whom he takes hostage after having miniaturized them. Invisible Man tries to thwart his plans, but he ends up reduced to the size of an insect. He then tries to regain his normal size and to save the scientists.

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