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Vinnie Q just got the best present a 13-year-old could ever get. A present that transformed his life from dull, boring, samey-sameness into fun, frantic, chaotic crazysity. A present that changed him from that local loser with the goofy face and the funny hair into the neighborhood's fastest, hippest, coolest kid... with the goofy face and the funny hair. Vinnie's life has been altered forever...

Because Vinnie got a Rocket!

And not just any Rocket. A talking Rocket packed with personality, enthusiasm and highly-explosive liquid oxygen. What's more, Vinnie's inventor-dad included a ton of "special" modifications, turning Rocket into a flying Swiss army knife that spits fire out its butt. People had better duck.

So now Vinnie has a jet-fueled friend, a steel-plated sidekick, a retro-boostered buddy, a nose-coned neighbour... uhm... a Rocket to help get him out of trouble, get him into trouble, get him covered in trouble, and then find a detergent that washes out trouble. With a best friend like Rocket, if everything goes wrong, you can always find a way to fix it.

No longer will Vinnie just be the helpless victim of the local family of thugs or their evil mother. No longer will he simply suffer the mind-numbing bureaucracy of Vice Principal Stern. No longer will he have to bribe people with colored beads to say he's cool.

Because Vinnie got a Rocket! Nothing can stop him now... not even gravity*.

(*Thick walls, however, are another matter).

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