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Planet Earth and parallel universe Lyoko face the threat of utter annihilation. A super virus, X.A.N.A., has infected the central processing units which control Lyoko, and nobody can foil the mad computer’s evil designs! Nobody except Ulrich, Yumi, Odd and Jeremy, four kids in their early teens. They lead doubles lives: ordinary students by day, action heroes in the virtual digital world. Helping them in their secret quest is their friend Aelita, a virtual humanoid creature who has materialized from Lyoko to live with them. Meanwhile, XANA continues getting stronger and stronger, successfully maximizing its power constantly. New monsters and massive attacks followed by new virus forms will create trouble for our team of young heroes as XANA realizes that the game is nearing its final phase.

Discover this 2D/3D secret quest and its rich detailed back story, sure to have young viewers raving about "Code Lyoko."

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