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Who here is all for Growing Up Creepie?
Hello there! I just wanted to tell you guys that I love Growing Up Creepie. It appeals to the younger as well as the older crowds thanks to its edgy side. Who can not love a little character with lots of color in her hair, dressed a little goth-like, and who has such big eyes with a wicked ironic tone. I just love it. What is your favorite Taffy Entertainment show?
11/03/06 08:12:37 pm
Growing up Creepie!
Right now Growing up Creepie is my favorite show, I bought volume 1 on Dvd and cant wait for volume 2 so I' can watch creepie whenever I' want!!, maybe they will even make dolls and Other merchandise!!
09/08/07 08:49:30 pm
Yeah I totally agree with you. I love Growing Up Creepie! But I also love Kabillion.
01/15/07 06:30:47 am
yeah i love the show- especially the bug facts at the end of every show! her hair is pretty cool too!
11/08/06 02:37:09 pm
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