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Pet ALien
Why did Cartoon Network stop running Pet Alien - It is a great show--very funny. I love Dinko and Gumpers--I hear it is on Anamania - but I can'[t get it. I wish someone would run the show!!
10/29/06 10:10:53 am
Yup, yup, I confirm that Pet Alien can be seen on ANIMANIA HD, but I also saw it on Video On Demand Kabillion ! It's new, free and has a great website ! http://www.kabillion.com . You can view full epsodes on this site !
02/13/07 03:32:12 pm
I get to see pet alien all the time on my DISH NETWORK!!! ...I know you're jealous! :)
11/08/06 02:41:58 pm
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